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ARCI Med Changes

The ARCI has made changes to their Uniform Classification of Foreign Substances schedule. The document may be accessed here or at the ARCI website: http://arci.blob.core.windows.net/webdocs/2018_01_09_CLASSIFICATION_V13.4.pdf and reflects the following changes:

Additions to the Schedule

Altrenogest: Drug Class 4, Penalty Class C substance in male horses only (no restriction on female horses). 

Capsaicin:  Capsaicin is derived from chili peppers and acts as a local anesthetic, similar to mepivacaine or lidocaine. It is present in a number of over the counter topical preparations - Drug Class 2 Penalty Class B.

Letrozole: Drug Class 3 Penalty Class A. 

Metformin:  This is an anti-hyperglycemic drug used in horses with equine metabolic syndrome (extra-label). It is reserved for the most severe cases of insulin resistance. Drug Class 2, Penalty Class B. 

Mitragynine: Drug Class 1 Penalty Class A. 

Pimobendan: Recent research in horses shows that this drug acts as a positive chronotropic (increasing heart rate) and ionotropic (increased contractility) drug. Drug Class 2 , Penalty Class B. 
Tolfenamic Acid: Tolfenamic Acid is another NSAID and is a Drug Class 4, Penalty Class B substance consistent with other similar substances. 

Change of Classification:

Dipyrone: Is an analgesic, antispasmodic, and antipyretic with minimal anti-inflammatory effects. It is also capable of depressing the central nervous system. It is no longer available in the United States as the FDA withdrew approval for it in 1977 due to its potential to cause agranulocytosis which can lead to immune system deficiencies. It is currently classified as a Drug Class 4 Penalty Class C substance. As it no longer has FDA approval, the RMTC recommends it be reclassified to a Drug Class 4 Penalty Class B– similar to other non-FDA approved NSAIDs.