Horsemen Update June 25, 2020
Info needed in addition to below for entry to PRC
Negative Coggins dated in 2020. Health Certificate dated within 30 days of transport with Plainridge Park noted as the destination
along with EHV1
Fax to - 508-643-9624
Email to -

Only licensed, essential personnel needed to conduct qualifiers and racing will be allowed on the grounds. Horse owners are not allowed on the grounds unless they are an essential caretaker for a horse. All Trainers and Drivers and essential personnel must be licensed in order to enter the grounds. Temporary Owner Licenses will be accepted and are good for 30 days.
The link for licenses is:
Download and print the application and mail or fax to:
 MA Gaming Commission Racing Division
c/o Plainridge Park Casino
301 Washington Street
Plainville, MA 02762
Phone number is 617-533-9803
Fax number is 508-643-9624
The License office (white building) will be open from 9 am-4 pm Monday-Friday but will be closed to foot traffic. If you are unsure of your license status, you can call Bill Eagan at 617-533-9803; he will look up your license and tell you when your license expires. 
If you mail in a license application but are not going to be on the grounds, you do not need to pay for a badge. If you must have a receipt you can call the MGC office.
Required items:

Health Certificate (Official Certificate of Veterinary Inspection) no more than 30 days prior to shipping to track **See additional information below**
Negative EIA (Coggins) test taken in calendar year 2020
EHV-1 Vaccination in 2020 
** 2020 MDAR Documentation Rules for Horses at Massachusetts Racetracks. **
      For several years, the New England states have agreed to allow certain healthy animals (usually those attending shows and fairs) that are moving temporarily between states to move with OCVIs that are older than thirty days. These agreements were made in effort to improve compliance and not be cost prohibitive. It appears reasonable to extend the allowance to healthy racehorses that enter the Commonwealth for the sole purpose of racing and then return to the state of origin. The Massachusetts Gaming Commission (MGC) rules require that all horses whether originating in Massachusetts or moving interstate be accompanied by a negative EIA test conducted within the previous twelve months and an OCVI issued within the prior thirty days the first time they enter the grounds. Plainridge Park will also require a 2020 EHV-1 vaccination for all horses entering the grounds. This includes horses arriving at the facility for any purpose such as participating in the racing meet, stabling on the grounds, or shipping into the facility for training purposes. Veterinary documentation of the vaccination will be required. The Department of Agricultural Resources strongly recommends that all horses also receive vaccinations for Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE) and West Nile Virus (WNV) that will protect them during the peak mosquito season extending from late July through the first heavy frost.
We are pleased to announce the RSP participation statements have been reviewed for accuracy and approval has been given to the third-party administrator to begin the process of mailing out statements. For participants who are eligible to withdraw from the program, (65 years or older), the form to withdraw your funds will be included along with your statement. Simply fill out and send into the third-party administrator. Please feel free to contact any Director with questions or assistance.
Your HHANE Board will continue to work towards the reopening of racing at the earliest possible date. Protocols that will be required to be followed will be posted as soon as they become available. 
Very truly yours,
Robert McHugh, President 

Friday , 2020
Stall assignments

Race #1
Will be in Race #11 stalls

All saddle pads are hanging at the stalls.

Horsemen Reminder:
Please check your horses paperwork, as no horses will be allowed on the grounds of Plainridge without a current negative Coggins and EHV vaccine. We will keep you posted as to any other necessary requirements as they become available to us.

All Non Lasix horses must be on the grounds 3 hours prior to their post time. ALL Lasix horses, including qualifiers, 4 hours prior to their post.

Non Lasix Qualifiers, 1 1/2 hours prior to their qualify time. 

Attention Plainridge Horsemen:
You are allowed to come through the gate AFTER the 4th race to TURN AROUND ONLY! LOADING IS TO BE DONE OUTSIDE THE PADDOCK. Abuse this and you will lose.

The Board has approved the recommendations by the RSP Committee to adjust the RSP requirements for the 2020 racing season due to the Covid-19 pandemic. These changes will be presented to the Mass Gaming Commission and upon their review and approval will be posted accordingly.
Unfortunately, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, there will not be a party at the end of the racing season, however, awards will be given. This year a new category will be added, Caretaker of the year award. If you would like to nominate a person to this category, please mail their name to HHANE, Inc. PO BOX 1811 Plainville, MA 02762 by Nov 10, 2020.
It is anticipated our annual meeting will be held via teleconferencing and call in information for all interested members to attend will be published as soon as it becomes available.

As always, your Directors are here for you. Please seek any of us out if we can assist you in anyway.

COVID Reminder!

The numbers are on the rise in regards to Covid-19. To protect ourselves, each other and our industry,
please remember to wear a mask covering your nose and mouth at all times, maintain at least 6 feet distance from each other, wash hands frequently, and​ disinfect high-touch surfaces. Please re-read the rest of the protocols.
​Link to Protocols - Must Read

Your face covering  are required at all times while on the grounds. The future of racing at Plainridge depends on your cooperation.

July 3, 2020 

The following link is the Protocol approved by the MGC for racing at Plainridge Park Casino.  Please take the time to read it.  It is very important for everyone to understand and follow it,  as our racing future depends on it.  Besides the now-familiar practices of social distancing, washing your hand, not touching your hands to your face, face coverings, and frequent use of hand sanitizers, we need to follow all instructions we receive upon entering the premise.  The Agricultural Department has offered their assistance to the horsemen and women at Mondays Qualifiers to ensure safe practices are followed, Board members will be available as well.  You will be expected to clean up the area assigned to you upon your departure, which means not leaving empty water bottles or containers of any kind, tape, vet wraps, or food wrappers. Leave with everything you bring.
This is a new time, a new era and we all need to do our part to ensure the safety of ourselves, others, our horses, and the future of our Industry.
Your HHANE Board of Directors. 

Click Below

Link to Protocols - Must Read

Attention Horsemen!

Out of an abundance of caution, the Massachusetts Gaming Commission licensing office will not be open for in-person licensing at Plainridge until further notice. Horsemen are encouraged to mail their license applications in with the fee, and they will be processed.

The office will be taking phone calls if there are questions, and can be reached at

(617)533-9803, Monday –Friday.
License applications can be mailed to:
Racing Division, MA Gaming Commission
c/o Plainridge Park Casino
301 Washington Street
Plainville, MA 02762

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Harness Horseman's Association of New England

To promote Social Distancing, you may now email the name of the horses(s) that you are requesting to be placed on or removed from the furosemide (LASIX) program.
Send the name of the horse(s) along with your name and include an email address for verification. If you do not have an email address, include your phone number.
Any Questions, please call Dr. Alex Lightbown at 1-617-979-8436 for assistance.

Welcome! The Harness Horseman's Association of New England (HHANE) welcomes you to visit our site and visit us personally during racing season. If you are a trainer,
driver, or owner who has either raced at Plainridge in the past or is interested in racing here this year you will find information about HHANE membership and benefits as well as information on racing in Massachusetts and at Plainridge. Feel free to explore and contact us if you have questions.

Lasix horses need to be on the grounds no later than 4 hrs before your post (race) and all horses not on lasix must be on the grounds 3 hrs prior to your post (race).​

Message From The HHANE President - August 27, 2020
Change in RHDF Split !
​The Massachusetts Gaming Commission approved the recommendation by the Race Horse Committee to allocate the funds from the Race Horse Development Fund (RHDF) using the following formula.

Of the 80% of the RHDF allocated to purses, the Standardbreds will receive 70% and the Thoroughbreds 30%

Of the 16% of the RHDF allocated to breeders the Standardbreds will receive 70% and the Thoroughbreds 30%

Of the 4% of the RHDF allocated to Health and Welfare, the Standardbreds will receive 40% and the Thoroughbreds 60%

The change is effective as of August 27, 2020.

Previously, the allocation of the RHDF was split 65% to the Standardbreds and 35% for the Thoroughbreds for purses, breeders and health and welfare. The HHANE will continue to work to increase our allocation, in 2020 and beyond, especially in light of the fact that the Thoroughbreds will not race in Massachusetts in 2020

Announcing the new Marketplace section of our website. Click the red button above to go to our new classified section. Email Alice at if you would like to place a classified ad.

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A must read as posted on the USTA website
Owners, trainers, drivers will pay for federal legislation if enacted

from the USTA Communications Dep 

HHANE Horsemen - June 30, 2020
John Matteros e-mail to email your paperwork to:

If you do not know how to scan and email, take a picture and send to HHANE's cell phone at 508-918-8852.

Inside Paddock times for the first three races if you have chosen to put your horse in the outside stalls first

Race 1 in the paddock by 11:30
Race 2 in the paddock by 11:50
Race 3 in the paddock by 12:10

That is 15 minutes before the time they draw blood.


HHANE would like to Introduce and Welcome
Colin Boyle, 
as our new Handicapping Specialist
 Colin will help you with your daily
wagering selections. 

Click here to open "Colin's Corner"

Attention HHANE Members

Have you had your eye exam this year or are you planning a visit before years end?  If so, HHANE will reimburse your out-of-pocket expenses up to $75.00 for an eye exam or up to $100.00 for a contact lens eye exam. Additionally, if you purchase glasses or contacts, HHANE will reimburse you up to $150.00 of your out-of-pocket cost for glasses or up to $200.00 of your out-of-pocket cost for contact lenses.

 Receipts are required and can be given to any Director or mailed to the HHANE office, PO Box 1811 Plainville MA 02762. HHANE Office phone number is 508-316-3364.

Please, remember to continue to wear your face covering above your nose, maintain social distancing, and safe hygiene practices.

Post Time changes to 1:00 PM for the rest of the meet starting Monday, November 2, 2020

Lasix is still 4 hours prior to your post.

Attention Horsemen - July 5, 2020

The fillable licenses for new licensees are on the mass gaming website: Instructions also have been updated to read for both new and renewal licenses, they can be mailed, faxed or emailed. They’ll still need to get the payment to mass gaming. The email address is:
Also, they are going paperless for the Furosemide (Lasix) program request form. Now, trainers can email the horses they want on Lasix to that same email address:

This should help the trainers because they will have an email record of who they’ve added or taken off.
If the trainer’s email address does not include their name, please include your name in the email, so it’s clear who it’s coming from, that would help greatly.

New England Harness Racing
at Plainridge Park in Plainville, Massachusetts

P.O. Box 1811, Plainville, MA 02762

 Click on the menu button below to find general information. For detailed information within a menu select from that menu's drop down list.

Everyday in 2020
All race cards of 11 races or LESS
will use the following STALL Assignments

If you are in the 4th Race,123456, you are in the outside stalls of Barn 1, the same side as Lasix Administration
If you are in the 4th Race, 7,8,9 you are in the outside stalls at the end of Barn 2 (495 side)
If you are in the 5th Race you are to report to Barn 1
If you are in the 6th Race you are to report to Barn 2
If you are in the 7th Race you are to report to the Outside Stalls of Barn 2
If you are in the 8th Race you are to report to Barn 3
If you are in the 9th Race you are to report to Barn 4
If you are in the 10thRace you are to report to the Outside Stalls of Barn 4
If you are in the 11th Race you are to report to Barn 5
If you are in the 12th Race you are to report to Barn 6


You can put your horses in these stalls upon arrival, BUT, you may NOT work on him, ie; brush, harness, legwork. All horses in Race 1,2,3 will have to report to the paddock for pre-race testing, warm-up, and to race. After your race you can put the horse back in the assigned stall, after you strip and bath, again, you cannot work around the horse while he is in the assigned stall on the backside. Time to be in the paddock will be posted.

​Race #1 Backside Stall Location 
#1 Barn # 6 Stall # 24
#2 Barn # 6 Stall # 22
#3 Barn # 6 Stall # 20
#4 Barn #6 Stall # 19
#5 Barn #5 Stall #24
#6 Barn #5 Stall # 23
#7 Barn #5 Stall # 22
#8 Barn #5 Stall # 21
Race #2 Stall Location 
#1 Outside Barn #4 St# 33
#2 Outside Barn #4 St# 34
#3 Outside Barn #4 St# 35
#4 Barn #4 Stall # 24
#5 Barn #4 Stall # 19
#6 Outside Barn #2 St# 35
#7 Barn #2 Stall # 24
#8 Barn #2 Stall # 22
Race #3 Stall Location 
#1 Barn #6 Stall # 1
#2 Barn #6 Stall # 4
#3 Barn #6 Stall # 5
#4 Barn #6 Stall # 8
#5 Barn #6 Stall # 9
#6 Barn # 6 Stall # 12
#7 Barn # 6 Stall # 13
#8 Barn # 6 Stall # 17